Resume of Photographic Work
by Danny N. Schweers

UPDATED 1/18/2022

A friend, George Rothbart, introduced me to photography in 1969. Since then I have used the camera to see the world and to show the world what I have seen.

I teach photography at the Delaware Art Museum and am chair of the non-profit Chris White Gallery in downtown Wilmington. Every week or so, I add text to one of my photos and email these Photo Prayers to subscribers. I have been doing this since 2007, a surprising feat for someone so easily distracted. I am a past chair of the Brandywine Photo Collective, past president of the Texas Photographic Society and was briefly the managing editor of Image: A Journal of Art and Religion. From 1976 to 1995, I published the Austin Book of Days Photographic Desk Calendar with the help of many others.

My photographs can be found on and on this website.

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Kind Words

“Danny continues to mix wonderment with insight and grace with humor in a way that very few excellent photographers are consistently capable of doing. (George Krause and Lee Friedlander and Elliott Erwitt come most readily to mind at the moment.) His is a world of keen observation, steeped in an awe of the everyday and an enjoyment of the daily challenge that breathing out and in brings to every creature on this planet. His art is certainly magical and musical, but, above all, it remains overwhelmingly brave — because he agrees to live for every moment and to share that commitment with us all. His photographs challenge us to never cease in that affirmation to life.

“The images [in Danny's 2016 exhibit "I See! I See!"] overall are quite outstanding; I'd not seen them before. I've always said when speaking of your work that you have a very good eye, and that you have vision. This show is proof of those observations!

“To gaze upon a Danny Schweers photograph is to join him on a delectable journey. Danny has the uncanny ability to not only freeze a precise moment in time, but to tell a story within a story - while at the same time, creating a perfectly-composed image. This is what separates Danny from other “Spontaneous Photographers” - the ability to not sacrifice one for the other; rather, to successfully both tell a story and create an appealing image.

“Danny’s photographs are multi-faceted: First, there is the spot-on composition, the way artists are taught in school - that perfect trail your eye must travel across the image, up and down and across, giving the viewers a path to follow, keeping their eyes engaged.

“Next is the captured subject - the focal point of the image. Danny captures his subject from behind, above or abreast - without being voyeuristic. Rather, it’s as if his subjects as well as the viewers are aware of his presence and welcome the exchange. Quite often, once the viewer registers the main subject of the image, another glance reveals a secondary story in the background. The viewer is drawn further and further into the image. The resulting image is sumptuous.

“Danny’s photographs may evoke poignancy, humor, history, social commentary or merely beautiful patterns which might escape the ordinary eye. With Danny’s innate sense of curiosity and honed technical skills, we are treated to a true visual feast.”

Beth Trepper, photographer, 2013

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