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Welcome to My Photos

Zion National Park photos

Images by Danny N. Schweers

The near at hand is engaging and marvelous. I rarely see it. Usually I'm too busy with the task at hand or dream of some future possibility and ignore the now. Even if I stop and look around, I usually see only what I expect to see. But, sometimes the real world breaks through my expectations. That's often when I grab my camera, foolishly trying to catch the joyous truth of the world in a few million pixels. Take a look!

Zion National Park, 2012
90 photographs taken over six days.

The Rag Photos, 1971-1975
A few photos have survived.

The Book of Days, 1977-1995
756 shots by over 400 photographers.

Village of Arden, Delaware
Including photos of the Arden Fair.

Slide Show Navigation, 2004-2006
for work prints, Arden, and England

Patiently following intuition.

Horsebackriding in Ireland
Barbara and Shari's photos

Billions fall, these few get attention.

CentralTexas, 1999


Photos Month-by-Month -- My photos as I first work on them.

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Recommended Links

Resume of Danny's Photographic Work, including recent exhibits


Photography Lessons at the Delaware Art Museum by Danny Schweers

  • I teach eight-week-long introductory photo classes at the Delaware Art Museum on Tuesdays, 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the fall, winter, and spring. The next series begins in January, 2020. I will be teaching one-evening demonstrations on how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software to process images on November 12 and 19, 2019, and again in March, 2020. Also, I am teaching a one-day workshop on portraiture using a live model on Saturday, January 11, 2020. Click here for details about my teaching schedule at the Delaware Art Museum.
  • Contact Danny Schweers.

Private Lessons by Danny Schweers

My rates are $45/hour, the same whether I teach one person or many. In general, tutoring is here in Arden, Delaware, in the northern-most part of the state, just off I-95. Arrangements can be made to meet elsewhere, but I usually charge for my travel time unless we meet at a local coffee shop or library. To learn more, call me at 302 475-0998 or click here for all my contact info.

Current & Upcoming Exhibits

  • “Collective Observations”, October 16 thru December 9, 2019, at the McNichol Gallery at Neumann University. This is a group show by the Brandywine Photo Collective.
  • Solo Show, March, 2020 I have been invited to exhibit my photographs in my village, at the Buzz Ware Village Center in Arden, Delaware.
  • Photo Prayers Every week a photo is paired with text and emailed to subscribers. Some churches send these out by email to their members. See www.PhotoPrayer.com.


Click here to visit DannySchweers.com where you will find the more recent work by Danny Schweers.

GALLERY: Three Delaware Rivers

Three Delaware RiversDanny Schweers took a boat trip down the Christiana River from Newport, Delaware, through the City of Wilmington, to the Port of Wilmington and out onto the Delaware River on Sunday, November 9, 2014, including a side trip up Brandywine Creek. We returned at sunset. Many of these images are of sky and water with a thin piece of land sandwiched in between. Click here or the photo to see these 35 images of Delaware rivers on Flickr.

GALLERY: Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, Philadelphia

Link to Parker Avenue Marine Terminal on Flickr

Trish Johnson of the Seamen's Church Institute (SCI) invited me to see the Port of Philadelphia at work. SCI chaplains and volunteers regularly visit ships in port to see if crews have any unmet needs. SCI also offers transportation ashore for seafarers with visas. Click here to see 50 photos from October, 2014.

GALLERY: Rehearsal, Delaware Children's Theatre

Delaware Children's Threatre rehearsal photos 2014Photos of a rehearsal of "Wake Me When I’m Sixteen: The Sleeping Beauty Story" by the Delaware Children’s Theatre. An original from Donna Swajeski, with music and lyrics by Gregg Opelka, this musical is a humorous re-telling of a familiar fairy tale, but with a contemporary twist, fresh new characters, battling fairy godmothers, a boy band, and the spell-binding Princess Aurora. Click the link above to see the photo gallery on Flickr.com.

GALLERY: Young Actors in Performance Backstage and in Rehearsal

Link to Backstage photos of Young Actors Workshop, Arden Shakespeare Gild

Every year the Arden Shakespeare Gild hosts the Young Actors Workshop for children of all ages. Children are separated by age, and each age group learns to perform a scene from Shakespeare.

I'd been meaning to shoot backstage for years. I have shot performances in years past, but from in front of the stage, where everything is choreographed, rehearsed, and lit. Backstage there is more opportunity for surprise, odd lighting, nervous pre-performance antics, and the visual contrast between people being themselves yet in costume. Here are links to the photos:

The above links will take you to the Flickr website. Click on the first photo to see it larger. You can see the photos at many sizes, up to 1200 pixels wide or tall. This largest size is good for printing 4×6-inch photos. Just download them to your computer and get prints made. Questions? Please call me, Danny Schweers, at 302 475-0998.

GALLERY: Elemental Recreation

link to Water Hydrant Spray gallery

The spray from the open fire hydrant stings, yet every year the July 4th Games in Arden, Delaware end with scores of young people jumping into the deluge. My camera only got a little bit wet. Click here or the photo above to see what I saw.

GALLERY: Paris Street Life 2007

Link: Paris Street Life 2007

What photographer can make photos in Paris, France without having in mind the work of all the talented photographers who walked those same streets? I hope some of these images echo the fine work now on display at the Delaware Art Museum's exhibit, French Twist.

GALLERY: Pastor Anne Ledbetter's last Sunday

Here are 125 photos of the 386 shot at this event on May 19. I like the way these photos work. They tell a story. People arrive for worship, worship, leave, arrive at the community hall, presentations are made, and people enjoy each other's company. I did not consciously sequence the photos to tell a story, so I am delighted to see them work that way.


I've started writing again, mostly about photography.

Exhibit May, 2012

Motionless Dancer, Dancing Lens
Colourworks Art Space

1902 Superfine Lane, Wilmington, Delaware
302 428-0222

link to Dancing Lens images

Two photographers, Theresa Knox and Danny Schweers, show dance in different lights. Theresa's beautiful black-and-white portraits show us a motionless dancer, a fascinating person in detail. Danny's colorful swirling abstracts show us what a dancing camera sees, a kaleidoscopic world of light. Click here to see Danny's images.


The Arden Fair 2012. Click here to see other images from my village's annual celebration, every Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

Spinning in the Kitchen: 24 long-exposure photos made while spinning on one shoe with the camera rotating with me.

125th Anniversary Banquet of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, Delaware. Getting good photos of an event like this is difficult but, because so many of the people knew me, they were relaxed and smiled easily. I'm proud of one or two of the photos. I worked at Westminster for four years, and the church still publishes my Photo Prayers in its weekly e-newsletter.

Arden Fair 2011The Arden Fair 2011. Here are 71 of the 448 photos I made that day. I would have shot more, but I was working traffic control.

Photographing Quick Paper Sculptures. This in-class exercise was photographing paper that had been folded, rolled, and crumpled.

Painting With Light. Click here to see the results as I experiment with this technique.

Photo Prayers: The Wilmington, Delaware News Journal featured my Photo Prayer project in its first issue of 2011. These prayer pix are emailed to subscribers, usually every week. Click here to subscribe to my Photo Prayers.

link, salted car photosSalted Cars: After snow storms, salt spray dries into fantastic patterns on the sides of vehicles. Walking around a parking lot is like walking through a gallery of abstract paintings. The salt and melted snow, thrown onto the vehicles as they moved down the road, has dried in many different shapes and textures.

Photography Business Advice: Someone just starting out wanted my advice about the business of photography. Here's what I said.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Click here to see 30 of 315 photographs.

The Arden Fair, 2010, by me and eight others.

Link to Pilgrimage to MOMA galleryPilgrimage to Henri Cartier-Bresson's retrospective at MOMA. Photographer Kathy Buckalew joined me on a day trip to Manhattan, making images along the way, there and back. 6/19/2010

Link to Bombay Hook photos on FacebookBombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. I joined other members of the Brandywine Photo Collective for a sunny day between Dover and Delaware Bay. 6/6/2010

New Year's Eve Party at the Arden Club's Gild Hall
A dozen shots is too much to drink but just right to document a farewell to 2009.

Arden Snow (December 2009)
Over a foot of snow fell in Arden, Delaware, and made for some memorable days. Here are a few scenes.

Brandywine Valley (October and November 2009)
43 images shot during three walks at the Woodlawn Trust, just five miles west of the Arden Trust.

Arden Fair 2009 (September 2009)
Forty images of the 9,000 people at the Arden Fair.

Arden Fair Volunteers (September 2009)
Thirty-five images of the day before the Fair.

Reflections in Naaman's Creek (July 2009]
Thirty-one images of blue sky, white clouds, and dark trees in agitated water.

Bright Foam on Dark Sand (June 2009]
Fifty images of gentle Pacific Ocean waves washing onto the beach below Waimea Pier in 2009.

Photographic Workflow (June 2009]
What happens to an image after the shutter clicks? Here's a brief overview of what happens to my photos, from camera to workspace to the eyes of others. Some call this digital asset management. Some call it B-O-R-I-N-G.

Firefighters at Gild Hall
The volunteers arrived in six fire trucks, four ambulences, and several other emergency vehicles to protect our cultural icon: Gild Hall.

Arden Fair 2008
48 photos of our utopian village's 101st annual festival.

Arden Fair 2007
The Arden Club's 100th Fair
(63 photos)

Exhibit, April-May, 2007
at Westminster Presbyterian Church
(15 photos)

Intimate Nature
She can be fierce but here she welcomes your embrace. Four of these images were later exhibited at the Delaware Art Museum's exhibit, The Cultivated Eye - Brandywine Valley Photographers.
(13 photos, February, 2007)

The Magic Flute 2006
Click here to purchase photosMozart's opera in the guise of Japanese Anime.
(75 photos. 26 September 2006]

Arden Fair 2006
The 99th end-of-summer event in
Arden, Delaware.
(80 photos. 3 September 2006]

Link to The Gates photosThe Chosen Few
An exhibit at Colourworks Gallery .
(14 photos. September 2005]

Link to The Gates photosElgin and Austin, Texas
Country retreat, city bustle.
(14 photos. May 2005]

Link to The Gates photosThe Gates in Central Park
A 16-day installation in Manhattan.
(30 photos. 26 February 2005]

Young Actors Workshop 2005
The Arden Shakespeare Gild's Annual Performance
(99 images, created 8 February 2005]

Day School Bishop
This gallery is on the St. David's website.
(20 photos. 4 November 2004]

Devon, England
A week walking on the moors, rivers and seaside.
(64 photos. 11-18 September 2004]

Cornwall, England
A week walking Dartmoor, gardens, and ports.
(71 photos. 19-25 September 2004]

The Arden Shakespeare Gild's production.
(98 photos. 25 June 2004]

From Indian Circle to Osnok
Come walk with me along Naaman's Creek .
(10 images, created 1 June 2004]

Twelve Doll House Photos
This treasure belonged to a friend's mother.
(12 images, created 2 June 2004]

White - Variations on a Theme
One of these photos was framed and exhibited.
(9 images, created 17 May 2004]

Honk! A Musical Comedy
The Arden Club Theatre
(75 images, created 3 April 2004]

Young Actors Workshop 2004
The Arden Shakespeare Gild's Annual Performance
(74 images, created 27 February 2004]

Measure for Measure
Two doors down the street is Gild Hall
(53 images, created 22 June 2003]

Domestic Abstractions
My house is full of modern art.
(9 images, created 12 December 2003]

A Visit East
My oldest god-daughter came east to visit us early in 2003. First we visited the Aquarium in Baltimore, then we enjoyed three days in Manhattan. (32 images, created 19 January 2003]

The Dancing Camera Watches TV
What might the world look like if you were to shake, rattle, and roll the camera?
Only one of these images has a fixed point of view. (9 images, created 10-12-2002]

This is my world because only I have seen it.
(And you and God looking over my shoulder.) (15 images, created 10-25-2002]

Just For Fun
The humorous and peculiar. (5 images, updated 10-24-2002] Speaking of humor, click here to see the religious humor I have collected over the years.

In my world, change is the norm.
( 8 images, updated 10-13-2002]

Waking Possibilities
An evolving essay with photos.

Photos For Sale
Price list for photographic prints.



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