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One of these photos was exhibited at The Photo Collective exhibition, June 4 - July 30. The theme of the show was "white" - a theme open to many interpretations.

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I pick the one with the pipes? At least I think they are pipes. Anyway, it is the one in the middle of the grid. My second choice is the next one with the smoke in front of the building. It is actually the whitest photo. Most of the other photos are more cream, or pale blue ... makes you realize most of the time what we call white is not really -- especially things like snow. The one with the horse is pretty white but it looks more bleached out than white. My two cents. Regards, Jim Janknegt

Very nice. I liked the smoke or steam in front of the building, as well as, the cat and horse. Tough choice. I would at least put two in if they could fit. Thanks, Eric Russell

The three I liked the best (in order of preference) are: glassBlock2c.htm, deck0304_12b.htm, snow0104_6b.htm -Mickey Freed

Nice group! My personal preferences are: 1) glassBlock2 2) deck0304 (in person this might be first) 3) craftshop. William J. Clark (Executive Director, Philabundance)

I liked the pipes and reflected light on wall and the bamboo shot. -Dain Simons

All very fine work - I like the window at upper top center and the one right below it with the poles and strange light, best. -Lisa Tyson-Ennis

I like the image of the pipes and reflections. Carson Zullinger

The 4 I like are: the cat, the room w/window,the deck w/table and snow, and the bamboo against white wall. - Kathy Buckalew

Although it's a moot point at this point, my favorite whites were the one you chose, the bamboo (in the snow?) and the fence in the snow. I just spent 1/2 hr. perusing your photos and I so enjoy that activitiy. Your comments are entertainning as well. I think I will refer my photo I students to it as a homework assignment! Thanks for sharing. -Betty




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